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In honor of the “Lover’s Holy Day”  aka Valentine’s Day, @bachelorsbrand constructed a list for tonight’s “festivities.” Whether you’re alone tonight & already pre-occupied, “For Fucking/Lovers” is equally sensual and sexual and is sure to be smoother than your first kiss where your toes curled. Just press play & let the rest go as is. Spread love.
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A Bachelor’s Thoughts: Is it really “Just Twitter”?

To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves. ~Will Durant
I’m not a saint. I’m not perfect. My life isn’t together as it should be. I can admit that. But yet that isn’t a crutch for me to rest on and be ok with. I consistently want to be a better person then I was yesterday. Some days I fail miserably, other day days I’m triumphant. I tend to call a spade a spade which means being honest even when my peers may look down upon it. That’s just how I am. I often sit back and watch my peers. And by “watch my peers” I mean scroll my timeline on twitter. Ive had the pleasure of meeting and creating relationships off twitter. Whether it was cordial or business related, people have gotten to know me that under any other circumstance I would have never met. And every once in a while I get hit with “how you act on twitter and in person are completely different.” I’m sure im not the only person that has been hit with this. Often times I think what the hell does that even mean? But if you get hit with it once maybe it’s a coincidence. Twice, it’s a possible trend.
In the society we live in, social media is now not only used as a platform for sending and receiving information, it’s used as power. A power that everyone can’t handle. Scroll your timeline on a random day. How many times during the day do you see someone “shock tweeting”? Or constantly going in on hoes that they seem to entertain, fighting, leaking pictures , speaking as if they’re holier than thou, better than you, or screen capturing one on one conversations. And for what reason? Approval of others? A few followers? Because it’s supposed to be entertaining? Because that’s what you’re known for? Would you really have the courage to keep your conviction about these people when met face to face vs. behind a keyboard, screen, or touchscreen? Is that what you want to be known for when someone mentions you? Is that the kind of thing you want to be associated with when brought up? Or is it “just twitter”?
Truth be told twitter isn’t just twitter. If even in the slightest you’ve seen something that has upset you on twitters, it’s not just twitter at that point. Is that character for twitter really worth keeping up? Even ive tweeted some things before that were outrageous and I’ve looked back on it wondering what the hell was I thinking?As I stated before, I’m a firm believer in calling a spade a spade but the line for being respectful has been blurred and is bordering on nonexistent. People who uplift or are positive tend to get ignored, unbless deemed to be cool or they have a substantial follower amount.
Twitter is made to be whatever you make it. Whether you want to be informed, want to debate, or be entertained it is your preference. But what you portray to the masses and constantly involve yourself in is how you will be received. If you’re constantly in the middle of drama you’ll be labeled a drama king/queen. If you’re always talking about hoes you’ll be perceived as only talking to hoes or scorned. If you’re always talking about your exes you’ll be looked at as being hurt and bitter. If you’re always joking, you’ll be perceived as a clown.
Will you keep up that character because its “just twitter”? or will you use your platform to show that there is more to you than your typecast? Just some food for thought.
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Damn Beyonce

“Half of writing history is hiding the truth” 
- Joss Whedon
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The GQ&A: Pharrell Williams

GQ recently had the opportunity to sit down with Pharrell Williams to discuss a bevy of topics. From his role as music consultant at the Academy Awards alongside personal hero Hans Zimmer to his Billionaire Boys Club spinoff for women, everything reads like an open book. The entire conversation with Pharrell Williams can be read at GQ while choice excerpts appear below.

GQ: You and Hans Zimmer are the music consultants for the Oscars. What does that job entail?
Pharrell: We have to reinterpret some of the music for the nominees. We have to do other music as well that is at times new and original and at others borrowing from movie scenes.

GQ: The Academy producers could have hired some stiffs for this, but they picked you two for some much-needed variety. What will you guys do to put your stamp on it?
Pharrell: Well I can’t give but so much away. Because Hans and I have tried to keep it under wraps so that there’s literally no expectation and people are excited about the stuff we’re cooking. We’re thinking beyond the usual standards.

GQ: You worked with Hans on 2010′s Despicable Me. He’s a huge deal in the film and music world. What’s it like to hang and work with him again?
Pharrell: It’s an honor for me because I get to be mentored, creative, and credited for learning under the auspices of somebody like him. I’m always honored when he takes my direction and to have direction come from him. It’s really been this interesting collaborative thing. But for me, secretly, it’s still like school and I love it.

GQ: On Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape you rap, “Black boy scoring his life/ I’m scoring the Oscars.” How excited are you for this opportunity—especially since you’re still essentially a music nerd from Virginia who made it big.
Pharrell: I’m just very thankful. And I say that a lot because that’s the most important message. I answer questions the best I can. But most of the answers usually feel the same. And that’s just me being very appreciative of the opportunity, because, like you said, I’m from Virginia Beach, VA. I’m glad that I can exhibit what we can do.

GQ: Academy rules won’t allow you to say what your current favorites are, but what are some of your choice Hans Zimmer-scored movies? He’s done plenty and won an Oscar for The Lion King.
Pharrell: The Dark Knight music was genius! I mean, Gladiator was great. Pirates [of the Caribbean] was great. But Dark Knight? That was, like, a whole different level

stop putting me on the shelf for when you decide you want me again
Are you not entertained
if your dreams don’t scare you
they’re not big enough

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